Monday, 27 January 2014

Old Local Maps

Old maps are invaluable to the local historian and anyone researching their family tree.  I love looking at old maps and seeing how Greenock has changed over the years.

My favourite maps are from Alan Godfrey.  They are reprints of old Ordnance Survey Maps.  They have them for many towns all over the UK.  You can order them online and the service is very good.

Another map I like is this one from Heritage Cartography of Greenock in 1856.  Once again they have an online service and cover many places in the UK.

Of course you can view many maps online.  My favourite site for Scottish maps is the National Library of Scotland site of town plans.  They have a fabulous collection of old maps to look at and you can zoom in for great detail.

A bit addictive, though, looking at these old maps!!!!!

The Greenockian


  1. I love maps and have quite a collection of paper ones (I never use GPS, though I do look at googlemaps)
    At one point, I wanted to be a cartographer, but was advised (in the late 70s) that there would be no jobs by the time I graduated with a degree. Perhaps not the best advice, after all?

  2. Heritage maps and old cencus data are great if you're into genealogy.


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