Monday 3 March 2014

Endeavour, Port Glasgow

I love this piece of sculpture.

It is called Endeavour and is situated in front of Port Glasgow Town Hall just off the main road into the town.

Its by Malcolm Robertson and celebrates the town's proud shipbuilding heritage.

The colours are those of the Cunard shipping line - the Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth and the QE2 (amongst hundreds of other ships) were built on Clydeside and had connections with Port Glasgow.  The dry-dock at Port Glasgow was large enough to take these ships for refitting and other work.

I think that this sculpture is just so evocative of the bow of a proud ship as she slips through the waves.  It looks amazing lit up at night.

Port Glasgow is so lucky to have this reminder of her wonderful history.

The Greenockian


  1. What a striking sculpture and the history you shared was so interesting. So colorful.

  2. This is wonderful. Hopefully, I'll e able to see it in person next summer :)

  3. I like it too! Thanks for sharing.


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