Tuesday 24 September 2019

Sailing ship at Greenock

A beautiful visitor to Custom House Quay in Greenock recently has been the wonderful sailing ship
Tenacious.  Great to see a sailing ship on the River Clyde.

She is part of the fleet of the Jubilee Sailing Trust who state "Aboard our voyages we liberate people facing challenges in their lives from feelings of being restricted, trapped or disconnected from people and the world around us."

Seeing Tenacious at such a historic setting in Greenock made me think of how this place would have looked back in time when this was a busy port.

I'm sure it impressed not just locals, but many of Greenock's overseas visitors from the cruise ships who were here when Tenacious was in residence.

I would have loved to have seen her in full sail!

What a wonderful ship.

Monday 23 September 2019

Port Glasgow Dry Dock Mural

This fantastic mural can be seen on the side wall of Port Glasgow swimming pool on Bay Street.  It was put there just last week.  The artist is Jim Strachan (of RIG Arts) and he has depicted Port Glasgow's lost industrial past and gives a vivid glimpse into just how busy and important the town was in former times.  The mural shows many aspects of Port Glasgow's heritage.

The mural's situation is almost right where Port Glasgow's dry dock (graving dock) once stood.  Built in 1762 it was the first to be constructed in Scotland.  (It is now covered by the Health Centre car park.)

Lamont's shipbuilding yard is also depicted with the workers finishing their shift and streaming out of the yard to go home for their tea.

Many boats and steamers belching smoke can be seen in the harbour.  On the quayside are the horse drawn carts which serviced the docks, carrying cargo, coal and provisions for the boats.

I think my favourite part of the mural is on the far left.  Here you can see the 6ft high weather vane depicting a sailing ship being hoisted to the top of the town buildings.

This is such a wonderful mural - so full of life and energy.  I'm sure it will prove very popular in Port Glasgow.

The mural's artist, Jim Strachan was also involved in other local projects - Broomhill Mural in Greenock and the Quayside Mural and Railway Station Mural in Port Glasgow.

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