Saturday 16 September 2023

Wellpark Mid Kirk's beautiful windows

One of the lovely things about visiting churches during Doors Open Days is getting the opportunity to talk with some of the people who attend the church.  I recently visited Wellpark Mid Kirk in Cathcart Square, Greenock and took lots of photographs.

The church's stained glass windows are just beautiful!

Many were damaged during the Blitz of 1941 and only two of thirty originals were restored.

It is a very interesting church with a wonderful history.

Read more about the church and people associated with it here on The Greenockian Blog -

Quintin Leitch, Merchant of Greenock
Rev Dr John Adam of the Mid Parish, Greenock
Robert Adam, Merchant Greenock and Fayetteville, North Carolina

Thursday 7 September 2023

Greenock Doors Open Days 2023

This weekend - Saturday 9th and Sunday 10 September 2023 many interesting local buildings will be open for visitors to take a look around.  Here are some of the places that will be open.  

Wellpark Mid Kirk, Cathcart Square, Greenock.  The church will be open on Saturday 9th from 12 till 4 and on Sunday 10th from 1 till 3.  With a fabulous history and some beautiful stained glass windows, this church is well worth a visit.  Check out their Facebook page for more information.

St John Evangelist Church, Greenock

St John the Evangelist Episcopalian Church, Union Street, Greenock.  The church will be open on both Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th from 11 till 2.  Another beautiful church with some lovely stained glass windows.  Facebook page had more details.

Wellpark Mid Kirk, Greenock

St Mary's Catholic Church, Patrick Street, Greenock.  Will be open on Saturday 9th from 11 till 4 and on Sunday 10th from 11 till 3.  Well worth a visit.  A beautiful interior.  Facebook page for more details.

A very different sort of place to visit is Inverclyde Shed.  It will be open from 10 till 12 on Saturday 9th.  Check out the Shed's website (click on highlighted link) to find out more.

If you visit Greenock on Doors Open Days weekend I hope you find something of interest.  Check out Doors Open Days website for more details.

Friday 1 September 2023

Walking weather

 Now that autumn is here, there are some lovely walks to be had in Greenock and Port Glasgow.

Take a guided architectural ramble through Greenock's west end starting at George Square and looking at some of the wonderful buildings that grace this part of Greenock.  From old churches to the homes of shipbuilders and owners, sugar refiners and many other important Greenock residents, the range of architecture is quite amazing.  There is a map to follow and a fully interactive guide to download.  The history of some of these buildings gives a great insight into how Greenock grew and expanded over the years.  Download here.

Another, shorter but no less interesting walk takes you along Greenock Waterfront in the centre of the town.  Once again there is a map and fully interactive guide to download and follow.  See some interesting public art along the way, including Greenock's famous Ginger the Horse.  A walk along Cathcart Street to Cathcart Square give a fascinating glimpse of what was once Greenock's commercial heart.  There are some wonderful buildings to look at along the way.  Download here.

If you are going to be in Port Glasgow, then you can take the guided walk which starts at the wonderful Newark Castle and then continues through the town.  Along the way you will find out more about Port Glasgow's interesting history and the industries that made it famous.  Once again there is a map and fully interactive guide for you to follow.  Download here.

The east end of Port Glasgow has some interesting features, although the former Clune Park School was damaged by fire quite recently.  I have a self-guided walk, map and interactive information sheet which you can find here.

Future in Hand sculpture, Port Glasgow

I'm sure everyone will find something of interest in each of these walks.  Whether you would like to take the walk on an autumn day, or perhaps you don't live nearby or would rather take part from the comfort of your home, then download the maps and fully interactive guides to find out more.  Click on the links below for more information.

Enjoy your walk!

Greenock Architectural Ramble

Greenock Waterfront Walk

Port Glasgow Heritage Walk

Port Glasgow East End Walk