Thursday 3 December 2015

Looking across the Clyde

Last Sunday was a beautiful day here in Inverclyde - just had to get out and take some photographs.

Went up to Newark Castle in Port Glasgow.  Just east of Newark is an unused pier.

The light was amazing.  It was possible to see for miles across the River Clyde.

Love the way the afternoon sun gave a warm golden glow to the timbers of the pier,

Looking east - Dumbarton Rock.  You can see the walls of Dumbarton Castle from here.

I'm so lucky to live here!


  1. Never been round that way, looks really nice

  2. The pier must have been a much less peaceful place in its heyday. Wonderfully clear views across the Clyde.

  3. Your reflections in the second shot are stunning! It was a good day to get out and about, for sure!

  4. Just wonderful shots - even if you were blessed with good light. Dumbarton Rock is one of those places I want to go to very much - a seat of kings!

  5. What a gorgeous place. Castles and more castles. That’s one of the things I adore about England. There is one near Doolin, Ireland, that I always pretend is mine. I pretend I am Queen of the Hill. Loved your shots of the pier. They are so interesting. Like the textures you captured.


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