Wednesday 15 June 2016

Port Glasgow's coat of arms

Here's a great picture of Port Glasgow's coat of arms from the present Town Hall building.

The Latin inscription reads - 
Ter et Quarter anno Revisens Aequor Atlanticum Impune
which means - 
  Three and four times a year revisiting the Atlantic with impunity.

This is a reference to Port Glasgow's trans-Atlantic timber trade with North America. A lot of timber was needed for the shipyards in the town. The town lamp post can be seen outside the Library and it also shows the town's coat of arms.

Port Glasgow's coat of arms can also be seen in the decorated pediment above the Library.

Crossing the Atlantic with impunity - a proud boast for a very proud town.


  1. How very interesting! I had no idea of the connection between Glasgow and the timber trade in America.
    I just read about it..."The Glasgow Story" by Gordon Jackson.
    Lovely photos!

  2. I love the image at the top:)


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