Monday 12 August 2019

Port Glasgow murals

These colourful murals can be found on the wall of Fergus Monk's garage at the West Quay in Port Glasgow. 

They are the work of local artist Jim Strachan who also painted the Broomhill Mural in Greenock.

One of the murals shows fishing boats and the catch being processed on the quay.  The other shows people having fun.

Both murals face the River Clyde and are an unexpected burst of colour on the quayside.

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  1. That's fantastic, so much to see there.

  2. Both are absolutely gorgeous. I love that it shows everyday events and ordinary people. These are fabulous finds.

  3. What a pretty murals, looks almost like photographs!

  4. ...fabulous historic murals, a nice step back in time!

  5. Fabulous mural Liz, the people are so life-like, what a talented artist.
    Welcome and thanks for contributing

  6. fantastic! so much life and details.

  7. Oh wow so much talent here Liz, incredible series of murals, they remind me of the work of the old masters 💙


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