Wednesday 22 January 2014

Greenock Royal Infirmary

Its always great when historical image collections go online.  I have to admit spending hours looking through them just amazed at the range of subjects and the methods and styles of depicting them.  I especially look for anything connected with Greenock.  Today, the Wellcome Library have released a huge collection of images into the public domain.

A quick search and I came across this picture of Greenock's old hospital - the Royal Infirmary, Duncan Street built in 1868 designed by Salmon & Son.  The original infirmary was built about 1810.  The hospital was demolished in the late1970s.  You can have a look at a photograph of it here.

There are historical maps, photographs and documents to explore.  It is a fabulous resource.

The Greenockian


  1. Fascinating - what's on the site now? Interesting news about Wellcome - I know the organisation very well through the day job.

    1. A sheltered housing complex has been built on the site.


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