Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Men Of The Clyde

This wonderful sculpture is in Clyde Square in Greenock, just across from the Municipal Buildings.  It is called "Men of the Clyde".

The plaque reads:-
"Men of the Clyde"
This statue represents an industrious Greenock
and was unveiled in May 1975 by
Provost Elizabeth Martin
Designed by - Naomi Hunt, DA
Sculptor - Malcolm Robertson, DA

I love the expressions on the workers faces as the pull the propeller.  The whole work has an amazing feeling of strength and stability.

It commemorates Greenock's long-gone shipyards and the thousands of men who worked in them.

A wonderful tribute.

The Greenockian


  1. Nice one! Happy New Year!! ;-)

  2. Agree about the strength in those statues - a feeling of solid reliability. Dreadful skin conditions, though...

  3. Reminiscent of (perhaps inspired by) Stanley Spencers's WWII drawing from the Kingston shipyard in Port Glasgow - .


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