Friday, 21 August 2015

A walk along Cathcart Street

Greenock Town Trail, Plaque 2, Cathcart Street.
Let's take a walk along Cathcart Street.

Ginger the Horse, a sculpture by Andy Scott starts our westwards journey along to Cathcart Square.

Once the financial and social centre of  19th century Greenock, just a few of the fabulous buildings remain.

Because of its closeness to the docks and shipyards, the area was the target of German bombers during World War 2.  In May 1941 during the Blitz, the area was decimated and many lovely buildings destroyed.  That accounts for the architectural mix which you can see in the street now.  Some of the old street surfaces remain.

The south side of the street near the square contains a car park and looks up to the Well Park.

Cathcart Street ends at Cathcart Square.

Some more lovely buildings here.  Perhaps the most popular building on Cathcart Street is the old Post Office which is now the James Watt bar - it was open, but hidden by scaffolding when I was taking photographs, so it will have to wait for another day!


  1. The buildings that remain are beautiful!

  2. I love the old street surface - many streets in my childhood looked like that.

  3. Thanks for taking us on this stroll. I really love Ginger, the regal horse.

  4. My grandmother Elizabeth Morrow Black was born at 28 Cathcart St. When I went to visit & find the home in 1994 the local police told me the house had been blown up during the blitz. Is the street shorter now because the water comes further in because of the bomb hits? That was my interpretation when I was there but I don't know if I am correct
    Christine Girtain USA

    1. I think that Cathcart Street is still the same size. If you get in touch I can let you know where to find old photographs of the area.


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