Saturday 1 August 2015

School's Out ... Forever!

It has gone!  It was once Greenock Academy and then became the set for Waterloo Road, a BBC television programme.

The demolition squads have done their work.

Little by little, bit by bit the school has been torn apart.

The trees will probably remain.

Greenock Academy, also known as Waterloo Road has totally gone.

Some of us will have great memories of the place.

I suppose they will build houses on the site - the views are amazing.  Wonder what the streets will be called - Academy Place?  Or perhaps Waterloo Drive?


  1. I always think it's sad when schools go; places where so many minds were formed...

  2. I hope someone salvaged the interesting architectural pieces before the wrecking ball came.

  3. There's a lot of knocking down of schools going on. My school, which was built in 1969, has now been knocked down and a new one built. That didn't last long! Meanwhile the old building dating from 1801, which the 1969 version replaced is still standing, good as new.


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