Sunday 26 March 2017

Church for sale

This is the former Methodist Church in Ardgowan Street, Greenock, just off Nelson Street.  It is no longer used for worship, the small remaining congregation now meet in St John's Episcopal Church in Union Street, Greenock.  The building was for sale and is now under offer.

It is a solid little church with some lovely architectural details.  The building could accommodate a congregation of 500, it also had a large hall and meeting rooms.  The foundation stone for this church was laid in 1882 and the building work completed in 1883.  There had been a previous church building at this location but,
"Some time ago it was found necessary to take down the old Church, dry rot having got into every part of it, rendering it incapable of repair."

In February 1884 an appeal was made in the Greenock Telegraph by the Wesleyan Methodists of Greenock -
"… to aid them in clearing off the DEBT of their NEW CHURCH in ARDGOWAN STREET."
 To that end, a grand bazaar was held to raise funds. 

The estimated cost of this building was £2,200 and most of the money was raised, however the final cost exceeded the estimate and a further £750 had to be found by the congregation which,

"… is chiefly composed of the working classes, and they have contributed to the utmost of their ability to the cost of the erection.  In the circumstances they appeal for aid in the extinction of the remaining debt, and relying on the kind co-operation of friends of all denominations, they confidently anticipate a most successful result."

When I see churches up for sale, I often think about the hard-working members of congregations who put their hearts and souls into making sure that their churches were kept clean and warm.  Those who raised funds for repair work and overseas missions, and those who gave up their spare time to clean the church, provide flowers, make endless cups of tea for special meetings and occasions, complete running repairs, keep the boiler in working order.  All that without even mentioning the special occasions that have taken place there like baptisms and weddings.  I know that "church" is not about bricks and mortar, but it must break a few hearts to see a For Sale sign on a much loved and cared for building.

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  1. The sale of these lovely buildings is a sign of our times.

  2. Great monument, very interesting architecture and stunning images.
    Greetings from Poland.

  3. A wonderful building, I love the round shaped windows!

  4. That is strange feeling to see church for sale... It's beautiful building and you captured it nicely.

  5. I never like to see churches closed, but it is a common thing these days. I hope that a good and fitting use for the church is found.

  6. Wonderful old church just a shame it has gotten to the state of being sold off

  7. I would hope some young church will buy this fine building. This is a fine series of church pictures. It's a very successful post.

  8. Thanks for gathering and sharing this church's history. Yes, seeing a church for sale is sad, as you expressed so well.
    While in Arkansas in the late 1990s I got to see the "de-consecrating" of a little town's Methodist church. True, the congregation was moving to their newly-built larger church, but still, I imagine the folks who grew up in the small one felt sad to see it turning into a secular building.

  9. What fabulous architecture. I do hope the buyer appreciates it and keeps it up.

  10. Thanks for the detail shots. Interesting church!

  11. My Great-Grandfather used to be a Minister for this church. I'm researching my family tree and came across your blog. Sad to see the Church is no longer being used. It's a lovely building.


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