Tuesday 18 April 2017

Apples and ships

At either end of Robert Street in Port Glasgow are bronze sculptures by the Danish artist Nina Saunders.  Called 'Future in Hand' they were designed in 2006 as part of a community project involving high school pupils from Port Glasgow.

There is also a memorial garden, The Apple Garden, designed by Rebecca Wells, attached to the project, but it was not at its best when I took these photographs.

The sculpture at the west end of Robert Street shows a hand holding a representation of the steamship Comet built in Port Glasgow in 1812, representing the shipbuilding industry of Port Glasgow, and an apple.  The apple is a representation of this area of Port Glasgow which, before all the housing was built, was once a very productive fruit-growing area.

The sculpture at the east end of Robert Street shows just a large apple.  Love the beautiful patina on the sculpture and how it ties in with the red sandstone tenement buildings nearby.

Robert Street in Port Glasgow also contains the former Clune Park School, derelict Clune Park Church, and the Toll Boys Memorial.  Such a shame the area has become so run down.


  1. ...a lovely example of public art!

  2. Nice concept, and I particularly like the idea of involving the younger generation in this work, after all it's their hands that will hold the future. The apple orchard should look good in a few weeks when the blossom is at its best.

  3. I think they're amazing Liz, incredibly photogenic!


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