Sunday 23 April 2017

Great views across the Clyde

It was such a great day here in Greenock yesterday that I set out in search of some photographs of the River Clyde.  The Clydeport Cranes are always a good signpost for getting your bearings.

One of the best places for good views is up high on the Kilmacolm Road.  The views across the river from here are just amazing - you can see right up to the Gareloch.

Looking down just past the James Watt Dock Marina into what was the Great Harbour there were a few boats berthed.

I never tire of this view.


  1. ...and I would never tire either.

  2. Looks wonderful and those houses very different from ours here. The Clyde River, we have one in our highlands here in Tasmania :) The oldest golf course in Australia also in the same area.


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