Friday 16 February 2018

New Toll Boys Memorial in Port Glasgow

A new memorial to the Toll Boys has been erected at the west end of Robert Street in Port Glasgow.

The original plaque has been removed from a tenement wall and placed in a beautiful monument in the little garden nearby.  You can read the names on the plaque on my previous post here or click on the photo below to enlarge it.

It is a very fitting monument to those from the area who gave their lives in World War 1 and much easier to locate.

There is a wonderful searchable site called Inverclyde's Great War which has, as well as the names of all the locals who died in World War 1, many other resources connected with the war.  There is a page dedicated to the Toll Boys Memorial.


  1. That's a nice job. So good these lads are remembered still. I see the end date is 1919, suggesting some served in Russia, after WW1 was over?

    1. I think some died of their injuries after the end of the war.


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