Thursday 1 February 2018

Important Greenock Memorial

I recently came across some extra information about the memorial stone to Greenock artist John Fleming (1792 - 1845).  It is situated in the west wall of the Duncan Street burying ground in Greenock.  The photographs show how badly eroded the stone now is.  It would be a shame if such an important Greenock artist had no permanent memorial in the town, but time and weather are taking their toll on this gravestone.

The memorial stone is so badly eroded that it is difficult to make out the inscriptions, but it is interesting to know what was originally depicted -
"It consists of a palette and brushes sculptured in white marble by Mr Mossman of Glasgow, and having a variegated marble tablet beneath …".

It would appear that the palette is inscribed with the words "Lakes of Scotland" referring to a work of that name which consisted of engravings by Joseph Swan of Glasgow of John Fleming's sketches.  Swan also illustrated "Strathclutha" from Fleming's landscape paintings.  Sixty gentlemen subscribed to the monument which also bears the words "In memory of John Fleming, artist, who died at Greenock, 16th February, 1845.  Erected by a few friends and admirers of his genius."

The sculptor, Mossman, was part of a family of famous Glasgow sculptors.  You can read more about them here.  It is such a shame that this memorial stone is slowly being allowed to decay, soon it will be almost unrecognisable.

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  1. Hopefully someone will spend some money and restore it.


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