Sunday 31 January 2021

Boys' Brigade Hall, Greenock

Sadly, Greenock's Boys' Brigade Hall is no more!  This interesting little building sat at the corner of Kelly Street and Houston Street in Greenock.  It was demolished at the end of last year when the primary school next door was being refurbished.  Seemingly the ground was needed for extra accommodation for the school.

Latterly the building was used as a pre-5 centre, but I remember it as the BB Hall.  Marching competitions, quizzes, officer training and lots of other events were held here over the years when it was used by Greenock Battalion of the Boys' Brigade.

The Boys' Brigade started in 1883 in Glasgow and Greenock churches were quick to follow, with many local BB Companies starting up in the within the next few years .  Sir William Alexander Smith (1854-1914) from Thurso was the brains behind this youth organisation.  The Boys' Brigade is still going strong today.

Unusual and quirky little building - such a shame it had to be demolished.  Here's how that space looks at the moment -

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