Monday 18 April 2022

Greenock West End Walk - An Architectural Ramble

If you would like to take a self-guided walk around Greenock's West End and find out about some of the wonderful buildings in the area, then this walk is perfect for you.  Even if it is raining or you don't live locally, you can download the PDF and explore the area virtually.  The map on page 2 of the document is fully interactive as are the quick links to the left of it.

The walk starts at George Square in Greenock and goes just as far west as Forsyth Street before returning to George Square where it ends.  There's lots to see along the way with many 19th century buildings some of which have been converted to other uses.

Former Greenbank Church, Kelly Street (14 on map)

There's a map with all the interesting buildings mentioned on the walk numbered in red, and when you download the PDF you can click on the red numbers and you will be taken to external sites giving more information about the building in question.

St Mary's Church, Patrick Street (26 on map)

So, if you live locally or are visiting Greenock for a short time then this would be a great walk to see some of our lovely buildings and find out a bit more about their history.  Download it here.

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