Sunday 8 May 2022

Greenock Lyle Fountain - the 18 names

Around the top of Greenock's Lyle Fountain in Cathcart Square are names in gold of some of the men who were important to the town at the time the fountain was gifted to the people of Greenock by former Provost and sugar refiner Abram Lyle.  Also beneath the names are shields displaying heraldic devices and a scroll with a motto (most in Latin).  While these may be interesting in themselves, I am more interested in the names.  Who were these people and why were they important to Greenock ?

If you would like to find out more about these men and what earned them a place on the fountain then you can have a look at some more detailed information here.  The 18 names are mostly of men who served the people of Greenock in one capacity or another.

Members of Parliament - Wallace of Kelly, Baine, Dunlop, Grieve and Stewart.

Provosts - Macfie, Fairrie, Duff, Morton, Lyle and Campbell.

Councillors - Caird, Kerr, Leitch and Steele.

Others - Sir M S Stewart, Crawfurd of Cartsburn and Scott.

Finding out about these people and their families really encapsulates part of the story of Greenock up until 1880 when the fountain was opened.  You can read all about them here.

Only 18 could be chosen.  I wonder if anyone was really annoyed at being left out?

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