Monday 16 May 2022

Greenock Westburn Parish Church - Memorial Plaques

Westburn Parish Church is on Nelson Street in Greenock.  It was designed by architect David Cousin and opened in 1841 and known then as the West Kirk.  The steeple and clock were added a few years later, but in 2018 the clock faces had to be removed due to damage.  It is still strange to look up and not be able to see what time it is as you walk along Nelson Street.  (Find out more about Westburn's history here.)

The church's long history and the addition of other congregations over the years has led to a large number of memorial plaques inside the building.  Most date from World War I (1914-1918), there are a couple which date from World War II and there are a few memorials to individuals who were important to the church.  

I have made up a document which tells of Westburn's interesting history and lists all the plaques in the building.  There is also a plan in order that you can see exactly where in the Church the plaque is situated.  I have also made a list of every name mentioned on the memorials so that if you think someone from your family history is listed there you can easily find out.  Find it here.

If you are looking for a family member from Greenock who may have fought during the First World War then a great site to visit is Inverclyde's Great War.  This site lists many of the men who fought for their country and gives more details about there lives.  Well worth checking out.

Inside Westburn are memorials from St George's North Church, St Mark's Greenbank Church, Gaelic Parish Church, and many others.  Westburn has also been known throughout its history as - the West Kirk, the Old Kirk and St Luke's.  The Church also has some beautiful stained glass windows designed by Scottish artist Douglas Strachan.  If you would like more information - download here.

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