Sunday 28 August 2022

Greenock's Egeria

Oak Tree Nymph - Egeria.  This beautiful sculpture by Andy Scott can be seen at the west end of West Blackhall Street in Greenock.

There are also two inscriptions on the ground beside the sculpture.  One reads:-

"May Greenock like the Green Oak Tree still flourish 'neath the sun.  Her trade and commerce still increase for a thousand years to come."  This a quote from the song Green Oak Tree by Harry Linn (1844-1890).  You can read more of the lyrics here.

The other reads:-

"She has a body and cloak made from metal.  She wears a crown of oak leaves on her head.  She stands tall and brave.  She brings joy to Greenock.  When people pass by they smile at her.  She is happy that she brings joy."

Greenock has always been associated with the oak tree.  This stems from an old legend that the town's name derives from a green oak tree that used to stand near the shore.

This sculpture and Ginger the Horse (also by Andy Scott) at the east end of the town were both put in place at the same time - 2010.  Joining with Monday Mural.


  1. Your Oak Tree Nymph is just like our Henry! We always greet him and the first month of each year you are supposed to say "Henry, this was a good year", and if you look close enough he gives a little smile.
    The last pic of her is wonderful.
    And the horse is just as beautiful!

  2. I like your blog. It's interesting. Thanks for visiting mine!

  3. That are very enjoyable sculptures and the artist didn't made it easy for himself. Very beautiful and strong work.

  4. Both sculptures are stunning! The nymph certainly brought a smile to my face. Welcome and thanks for participating in Monday Murals Liz.

  5. Beautiful sculptures and interesting caption.

  6. Both of these sculptures are beautiful and amazing. The horse is especially well done.


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