Monday, 13 February 2023

Tiger Dunlop and the Twelve Apostles

Dr William "Tiger" Dunlop (1792-1848) was born in Greenock.  His father was Alexander Dunlop of Keppoch (1766-1840) and his first wife Janet Graham.  William Dunlop led a fascinating life before finally setting up home near Goderich, Ontario, Canada.  He called his house Gairbraid after a family home in Glasgow.

The "twelve apostles" were twelve one gallon glass jars which belonged to Dunlop.  One can be seen at the Goderich Museum.  It is said that eleven of the jars were filled with whisky and the twelfth, which he called "Judas", filled with water!

When I visited, the wonderful museum at Goderich had a whole section dedicated to Tiger Dunlop showing his portrait and many exhibits from his home.

William Dunlop was with John Galt at the founding of the city of Guelph in Ontario.  

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