Thursday 1 February 2024

Shetland exhibition of Greenock artist's work

There's a fabulous exhibition taking place at the moment at the Shetland Museum and Archives in Lerwick called "Logical Confusion".  (Until the end of February 2024.) 

It features the work of artist Mike McDonnell (1939-2022).  Born and brought up in Greenock, Mike studied medicine at Glasgow University and practised briefly as a doctor in Greenock before relocating to the Solomon Islands for a number of years.

He eventually settled in the Shetland Islands where he served as GP on the island of Yell for more than 25 years before turning artist after he retired.  His artwork is very varied, reflecting the places he's lived and his multitude of interests.  He died in Aberdeen infirmary in 2022.

One of his pieces, "Children of Greenock", celebrating the work of Greenock poet W S Graham, can be seen in the Watt Institution, Kelly Street, Greenock. 

There's an entertaining biography of Mike McDonnell here, listing his many talents of this fascinating man.  Many of his works can be seen on this website dedicated to the man and his work.  More detailed descriptions of his works can be found in the book "Logical Conclusion: The Artistry of Mike McDonnell" by Jonathan Wills (available on Amazon).

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