Thursday, 9 September 2021

Port Glasgow buildings refurbished

I was delighted to see that the refurbishment work on these two old buildings in King Street, Port Glasgow had been completed and they look great.

Last time I blogged about them here they were surrounded by scaffolding and the renovation work was underway.  I'm happy to say that it looks like the external work has been completed.

The stonework looks fantastic - really showing up the different shades of stone between the two buildings.

The lodge was built in Port Glasgow in 1758 as Lodge Cumberland Kilwinning 217John Wesley preached there in 1772 - read about that here.  They were also known as the King George VI Buildings.

The building next door was built a few years later and was the Town Hall for Port Glasgow.  Great to see these buildings looking so good.


  1. Nice building,what are they going to be used for when finished. John Wesley certainly got around back then

    1. Think they are going to be some sort of community group centre.


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