Saturday, 30 April 2016

Light sails in Gourock

I love these new lamp posts in Gourock.  They look a bit like yacht sails and fit in so well with their location.

Since the introduction of the new one-way road system in Gourock, a whole portion of what used to be a car park has been transformed into a lovely walkway.  Just look at those views across the River Clyde to the hills of Argyll.

Of course a bit of sunshine helps!

I think here they resemble the wings of a great seabird!
Joining with Shadow Shot Sunday 2.


  1. Nice way to make lamp posts a lot more interesting-not to mention the cool shadows that result!

  2. Wow. A simple but beautifully effective design to enhance the surroundings. Someone put creative ideas into splendid action.

  3. Great shadow. I like it.

  4. Looks lovely. The three Inverclyde towns have an amazing waterfront so it's good to see another addition to the promenade there.


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