Sunday, 2 February 2014

The Beacon Clock Tower and So Much More

On Friday I described the top part of the Beacon  clock tower at Customhouse Quay in Greenock, designed by William Clark, marine artist.  There was a weather vane, a fog bell, a fog light and clock.  Today it is the turn of the lower section which is just as interesting and contains an amazing amount of detail.

This was a drinking fountain with a beautiful lion's head and crest with the words "God Speed" - very apt considering many there would be going on a journey, as well as being part of Greenock's own motto.

There was also a letter box.  I wonder how many tear-stained last words were sent from here before folk went off to different lives in far flung corners of the globe.

The Beacon itself was made at Rankin & Blackmore's Eagle Foundry in Greenock (Baker Street). 

This is a view of the Beacon with the magnificent Custom House behind it.  It must have been a very welcome sight for people returning to Greenock to meet with old friends and family. 

The stories this could tell!

The Greenockian


  1. I particularly like that shot in front of the Customhouse. Such a fine building.

  2. Amazing detail. And I must get down to that customs house sometime!

  3. Love the blue, especially with the sea in the background. A blue lion - wonderful idea!

  4. wow, so neat. love all those details. ( :

  5. The clock tower seems very lonely now compared with the busy days of sailing ships.



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