Monday, 5 May 2014

Greenock Has Been Wiped Off the Map!

I picked up a brochure yesterday - it is called Welcome to Scotland.  However, I was shocked to discover that on the main map of central and southern Scotland - Greenock is not there!

The port of Greenock will welcome at least forty cruise ships this year bringing over 100,000 passengers and crew from all around the world.  Many will probably pick up this booklet at some point on their visit to Scotland, good luck to them if they try to find the port which welcomed them!  Greenock has truly disappeared off the map!

Port Glasgow which is home to the beautiful Newark Castle is missing too!

This is the year of Homecoming Scotland, which will attract many descendents of the Scottish Diaspora back to their ancestral homeland, anyone picking up this booklet will have a problem with the map if they try to find the place that thousands of families sailed from to start new lives overseas!

OK - here's my map - here's where to find Greenock and Port Glasgow - where you are sure of a wonderful welcome! 

The Greenockian


  1. That's got to be great for tourism.

  2. Maybe it was printed by a UK company that is already predicting the results of the upcoming vote for independence. I guess if the vote goes through all of Scotland will disappear of their maps! ;-)


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